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We want to ensure that you are happy with your treatment and that you can afford it too.

  • We offer interest-free and low-cost patient plans (with Medenta finance)
  • No deposit required
  • No VAT
  • Free parking

Consultation Cost

NHS Referrals (Children age 8 to under 18 years)  Free
Private Referrals (Children under the age of 18 years )  Free
Private Referrals (Adults above the age of 18 years):  
Initial consultation  £70
Full records (Impression,Photos,x-rays,treatment plan)  £70
TOTAL £140 


Treatment cost


Treatment of one arch {Standard metal }  £1500
Treatment of one arch {Ceramic (white) or Self -ligating metal (Damon) }  £2000
Treatment of both arches {Ceramic(white) or Self -ligating metal(Damon) }     £2800
Supplement for Damon white 3-3 :   
One arch £250
Both arches  £500
Inman Aligner:    
One arch £1200
Both arches   £2400 
Lingual braces {Incognito}:    
One arch £3000
Both arches     £6000
One  arch   From £1200
Both arches   From £2000


Children:{Private :non-NHS}

Treatment one arch {Standard metal} £1000
Treatment both arches {Standard metal} £1200
Treatment one arch {Ceramic (white) , self -ligating metal (Damon)    £1600
Treatment both arches {Ceramic (white) ,self- ligating metal (Damon)}    £1800
Functional appliance with Upper and Lower Fixed appliances   £2200
Removable Appliance £600


  • Fees include all appointments, any unforeseen appointments, any repairs
  • Fees exclude replacement of appliances
  • No VAT charged
  • Free parking


Retention (After active treatment)

One arch £100
Both arches £200
Bonded retainer £200 


  • Retention payment includes retainers and 4 appointments over 12 months
  • Exclude broken or lost replacement retainers.   



Private Orthodontic treatment is more affordable than you might think.

We offer a 0% interest-free finance option. We pay the interest for you, you pay for your treatment over a 15 month period. For example, Total cost of treatment £1500 then you pay 15 monthly payments of £100. We do not claim VAT and this will also decrease cost by a further 20%. This gives you an affordable way to pay for the treatment you want.

We use Medenta finance as our credit provider. Ask receptionist for details.