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The patient journey

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Concerned about your teeth. It might be your own concern or your regular dentist might be concerned . Dentist or yourself send a referral. Click [refer yourself]  top right and  complete form and send.
My receptionist staff contact you to arrange an initial appointment. Check ' how to find' us under (contact us) and free parking arrangement in front of practice . Initial appointment to discuss any concerns and determine your orthodontic need.I will advise you of any problems and possible treatment options and cost. Diagnostic record appointment if treatment indicated .This involves taking impression for study models  and photographs of face and teeth and any  x-rays if required. Consultation appointment to discuss any problems and treatment in detail, anticipated treatment time, the necessity of good oral hygiene and co-operation required for successful treatment. Appliance fit appointment. Instructions of care required given. Adjustment appointments. Debond appointment. Removal of fixed appliances and impression for retainers Retainer fit appointment. Fit retainers to maintain teeth in their corrected position and give instructions regarding care. Take final photos of your new smile. Retainer check appointments. For 12 months after treatment. Continous retainer wear to retain end result.